Sunday, December 1, 2013


I kind of bought more bulbs than I needed when I made my first wreath. I changed up the design of it so I had plenty left to make some more wreaths. All I had to do was get the wreaths and a few other items.

This is one that I made for my front door. However…….while I was out picking up a few items yesterday, I came across something that I want to incorporate on a wreath for myself. 

I have another wreath almost finished, but I can't add what I want to add to it. That means I'll finish that one and start on one for my front door! 

I was crazy enough to venture out to a few stores on Friday and Saturday. It wasn't too bad because I knew exactly what I wanted and wasn't "browsing". I only encountered one long line and after I got into it, it started moving pretty quickly. 

While I was trying to find a parking spot at Jo-Ann's Craft Store a dog came flying out of a car and the woman who I assume was the owner came barreling after it. The dog had a leash on and looked to be a springer spaniel. I just hope that poor woman was able to catch the dog or that someone who the dog ran by was able to grab the leash. There was so much traffic and the dog was running toward a busy road. My dog is a runner and he would do the exact same thing if he got out of the car. It would be my worst nightmare as I'd never be able to run as fast as the woman I saw running after her dog! 

Did I mention how addicting making a wreath is? I've always wanted to make wreaths and I'm glad I gave it a try…..maybe!

I will definitely post a photo of the other wreaths I create! Thanks for stopping by!

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