Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Wreath

I love wreaths! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. I thought it was high time I dive in and make one. I was inspired by two wreaths I saw on two different blogs. One is from The Happier Homemaker and the other one is from Learning, Creating, Living.

I knew that I wanted to use a foam wreath and I knew my colors were going to be red and gold.  I picked up the bow and all the bulbs at the Dollar Store in a variety of sizes. I can't make a bow to save my life. I think I need to take a class on how to make them.

Originally I hadn't planned on using anything around the wreath. Thankfully I held the bow up to the wreath before I started. After seeing all the white peek through, I made a quick trip to Michael's to pick up some burlap. I'm so glad I found some that had a gold sparkly thread running through it.

I started by glueing the bulbs around the inside center. 

Then I just randomly glued all different sizes all around. 

I'm so glad I decided to use the burlap! I love burlap and because of that last minute decision it changed how I decided to finish off the wreath. I liked how the burlap looked behind the bulbs so I decided that I didn't want to cover the whole wreath.

I bought quite a few bulbs not knowing how many it would take to cover a 16-inch wreath. Because I didn't cover the whole wreath I have plenty left to make at least one more wreath, and possibly two. 

The only injury I sustained while making this wreath was just about taking off my tip of my middle finger on my right hand by accidentally touching a bulb that I had just added glue to. And man did I do a little jumping around! I was trying to peel the glue off while it was burning. It hurt like hell! I don't have a blister on my finger, but I have a small white spot. I then almost did the same thing to my thumb on my left hand. At that point I stopped for the night and finished the wreath this morning.

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