Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Virginia's Historic Triangle

Two beautiful, busy days stepping back in history. Yesterday we spent time in Colonial Williamsburg and today we visited the Jamestown Settlement. The weather is improving, the sun is shining, but the temperatures are still a little cool. The first picture depicts slave quarters at Great Hopes Plantation in Williamsburg. For some reason I fell in love with this photo when I took it.

The Governor's Palace dates back to the 18th century. Along with numorous British Governors, the final residents in the earliest years of our nation were Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

The Marquis de Lafayette, a French nobleman serving on George Washington's staff, announces the end of the Revolutionary War to all of us watching.

Though originally there were no chickens or roosters in Jamestown, this big fella was too photogenic to pass up. He was so adorable and such a poser.

This is Sherwood Forest Plantation, home of John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States. The center part of the home was built in in 1680. Believe it or not, President Tyler's grandson still lives here, three generations in four centuries!

A Jamestown settler demonstrates a single shot musket. The good news is that it was accurate from up to a hundred yards away. The bad news is that reloading it took 30 seconds. Suffice it to say I never would have gotten off a second shot!

That's it for today, and tomorrow we go to Yorktown and James River Plantations.

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Patty the photo of the quarters is fantastic. I love the way you used the light with the colors against the white. Beautiful.

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