Thursday, November 26, 2015



 This card almost got filed in the trash. I bought some Faber-Castell glass bead glitter gel to try. This was my first experiment with it. I used the same butterfly stencil from Heidi Swapp that I used for this card. While letting it dry I thought it looked pretty cool. The next morning I decided I wanted to add some color. I put the stencil back on top of the butterflies and sprinkled several Brusho colors over the top and sprinkled with water.

After looking at it I think I was a little heavy handed with the color. I didn't want to waste it though because it didn't look that bad that it couldn't be trimmed down a little to make a card. I added a strip of yellow glitter paper but I don't think you can see that it's glittery in the photo. Next time I work with this glitter gel and decide to color it I'm going to be a little lighter with the color.

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