Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Passing Through....

100_3158-2 Deer

You can't imagine how excited I was when we pulled into the driveway this afternoon and saw deer in the yard! They're here everyday practically walking up to the door, and I'm never fast enough to get my camera. If you're from the Northwoods, this isn't a big deal, but for those of us from the city it's pretty huge. When we lived in Lakeville, MN we did have an occasional deer pass through our back yard to eat the flowers in my garden, but nothing like this.


They're such beautiful and graceful animals!

100_3163-2 Leaving

Bye! See you tomorrow!


Diana said...

Wow, saw one of these beauties on Facebook. I'll bet they gorgeous to watch. Thanks for sharing and for visiting me at my NEW blog Patty. Happy to know you!

Patty said...

Thanks Diana! I LOVE watching them. Love your new blog. I changed out your old one with the new one this morning.

Misty said...

They're beautiful and taste good too! Yours look really well fed... must be the nice greens.

Patty said...

@Misty they are beautiful!! They should be well fed, they're eating all the plants by the front door! I've had venison along time ago and I don't care for it.

Karen Howard said...

How serene, I love wildlife but we only have birds in our backyard!!!

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