Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rushing The Holiday A Bit?

Steve insisted that the Christmas tree go up today. We go round and round about this every year. I always give in. He wants it up early and I like to do it later. One year when I was gone for a scrapbook weekend in early November, I came home to find that he had already gotten into the "Christmas Spirit" and had it up and decorated about two weeks after Halloween!

Of course we also had to buy new lights the other day. He has a thing about getting new ones every year. I wouldn't think he'd need to read the box, since he's only bought a million of these.
(Earth to Steve, just plug them in!)


You can't even imagine how many light sets we got rid of when we were going through our things in our house in Minnesota when we knew we were moving.


Boy, those new lights are nice!


Careful so it doesn't tip over!


It looks good already! It's not like we don't have quite a few weeks to make it perfect.

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