Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was very disappointed today when I went into the new natural store called The Sower and The Seed. It's a very nice store and they do carry some products that I may use in the future, but they don't have soy yogurt. I have looked everywhere here and stores just do not carry it for some reason. The woman working was very pleasant and said that they may carry it later, but they are starting slowly. So I will have to go to Rhinelander possibly next week and check out the two natural stores there on my quest to find soy yogurt in the Northwoods.

The other store I checked out was called Wisconsin Mercantile...I think. It was a very nice little store that has antiques and handcrafted items. The knitted sweaters and felted purses were to die for! They also had some jewelry and houseware items. I actually spent more time talking to the woman working than I did browsing. She was very talkative and since I love to talk and don't get to do it very much, it was nice to just be able to spend some time having a conversation with someone.

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