Friday, July 24, 2009

Deer In The Headlights In Downtown Minocqua

I never thought I would have to try to avoid a head on collision on Oneida Street in Minocqua. But this evening it happened. I was driving past Island City Ice Cream and a woman who wasn't paying attention, actually not even looking, was coming straight at me the wrong way on a one way street! I swerved to go into the right lane as did the car behind me. All this for the idiot who found one of the few one way streets in a town of 4,000 people. Finally she saw me and swerved a little, but continued on her merry way. I didn't hear any sirens so I'm guessing she didn't cause an accident. Maybe people should pay attention to the large "One Way" signs.

On a lighter note, the video below is a fun one to watch. I had seen it this morning while watching Fox & Friends on Fox News Network. It's all over the internet, but if you haven't seen it yet....enjoy!

Dancing Down the Aisle: Youtube Wedding Dance Sensation - ABC News

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happydays525 said... this any better than driving down a flight of steps? I am seriously bawling right now because I am laughing so hard! =) Love ya Patty!!!!!! You keep telling it like it is!


Vicky said...

Patty, you are a hoot :) I wish I was a mouse in your car at the time...ROTFL!!!
And I love the video. TFS

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