Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eureka Springs, AR

2011 Roadtrip
Our vacation to the Ozarks started out rainy and stayed that way! Originally we were going to go to New York City, somewhere that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. My husband just couldn’t work up enough enthusiasm, so we decided on Eureka Springs and Branson instead. We’ve had this trip on the back burner for a few years, and this was the year to do it.

In Eureka Springs, we stayed at the 1886 Crescent Hotel - called “America’s Most Haunted Hotel“. On our way there, we stopped at Cosmic Caverns in Berryville, AR. We were just ready to take the underground tour, when I realized I wouldn’t be able to do it. There were 60 small, slick steps to get down into the cavern. With my knee and back issues, I knew I couldn’t do all the bending that would be required. Steve just wanted to leave, but I encouraged him to go. I stayed in the gift shop for an hour and a half and talked to people. I have no problem doing that!
Cosmic Caverns
We enjoyed staying at the Crescent Hotel. It’s beautifully restored with a remarkable history.
Crescent Hotel
We even took the ‘Ghost Tour’. It’s always fun to watch others who are so into this stuff. I’m on the fence, and my husband doesn’t believe any of it.
Before The Storm
This photo was taken right before the storm hit early the first evening. This was the night of the Joplin tornado and Eureka Springs is about an hour away. The rain came down so hard the hotel had leaks everywhere. I have to say it was a little worrisome to me to be on top of the highest mountain in the Ozarks during a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning.
1886 Crescent Hotel Collage
Here are a few photos from around the hotel.
Eureka Springs
We wandered around Eureka Springs and tried to get some photos before it started pouring again. One of the shopkeepers was kind enough to loan me an umbrella, which I thought was very nice. Who remembers to take an umbrella on vacation! We decided to take a path from the hotel through the woods to the downtown area rather than the shuttle. Well, being the klutz that I am, I slipped on a sidewalk full of moss and down I went! It was a little painful, but with a bloody foot and a swollen spot on my leg, I soldiered on!

I thought Eureka Springs was a quaint little town. My only wish is that the weather had been a little better so that we could have explored some more. I would have loved to have taken some photos of all the unique, Victorian-style homes that we came across.

My next blog post will include some photos from Branson.


Susie McGuire said...

HI patti, I live about one and a half hours away from Branson and drive up there often. They have a nice little scrapbook store right on 76 Hwy called Scrapbooks Forever (3010 West Hwy 76)hopefully you can check it out. Branson offers a lot of entertainment and the Branson Landing has some great shops.Have a great time! :) Susie

Just Another Thought Online said...

I never realized that Branson had so much to offer! It is too bad you couldn't go into that gorgeous cave. Maybe I shouldn't write off Branson because of my sterotypical views of Branson and Missouri.

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