Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sisters Layout

In between going through extra belongings in storage and donating three car loads this week, I was able to finish a layout. I've had an idea for this photo for quite awhile. Once I sat down to work on it, I actually changed almost everything that I originally planned to do.

I did hit a bit of a snag while using my Slice machine to cut out the letters. I was getting pretty disgusted because it wasn't working like it should. After wasting tons of time and paper, I finally got them all cut. After going through that, I asked myself why I just didn't die cut the letters with my Sizzix. I would've had them done in probably half the time. I'm not sure how many of you have a Slice, but in hindsight I now wish I would have gone with a Cricut. My husband gave me the choice and I chose the Slice because of it portability. I just haven't decided if it was a good decision or not. If I have many more episodes like this, I think I'll know the answer! I'll get off my soapbox now.


I've wanted to make flowers like these, but hadn't taken the time to try them out. Finally I sat down and made a test one. I fell in love! I made the two for this layout and also have an extra one to use on a card in the future.

These are my two daughters. Hannah, the youngest, is on the left and Sarah, the oldest, is on the right.


Here's a closer view of the flowers and the stitching. I was just going to use black thread, but decided to go with three colors so that it would show up better on the black cardstock. I really like the In Stitch'z templates by Bazzill. I've had them for quite awhile and thought they'd work well for this layout.


Vicky said...

Layout looks great Patty! Love the flowers and stitching. Your daughters are beautiful :)

happydays525 said...

Wow, love all the details on this and that photo rocks!

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