Sunday, April 4, 2010 last!

I snapped this picture of Toby having a "dog nap". He's had a rough couple of days, or at least in his mind he has. First he had to go to the groomers last week which always stresses him out. Then I went to the drive thru at the pharmacy and when he didn't think the Pharmacist was paying attention to him he sat in the back seat staring at him and crying. You see, Toby knows what a drive thru is for. At the bank they love him, and he's always paid alot of attention and gets two dog bones. At the pharmacy, he only got half of a bone and I think he wondered what he had done to deserve that!

To top the week off, Steve had to leave for a work event last night and that really sent Toby into a tailspin. He laid by the door for probably five hours. No matter how much coaxing, I couldn't get him to move because he was so depressed. Toby always goes everywhere with us and when he has to stay home he's beside himself. I finally got him to come into my scrapbook room about 15 minutes before Steve got home.


I think our spoiled little brat deserves a little down time. He has to gear up for tomorrow when we both have to go to work.


Vicky said...

Sweet Toby!

happydays525 said...

So sweet and funny!

Anne Gaal said...

Poor Toby! Hope he recovers from his hard week! :-)

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