Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love This Storage!

I saw a tip awhile back about using an over the door shoe holder to store punches. It sounded perfect to me because I could free up two drawers I'm currently using for mine. I found one at Walmart, but didn't buy it at first since I didn't think it came with any hooks for the top of the door. Well, I went back and bought it and lo and behold the hooks were in a pocket. For eight bucks, it was worth it just for the storage.


I've still got a few pouches free since I was able to double up on some of the punches. Some of the smaller punches at the top may be going away since I never use them. I do have two punches that are too large and heavy to put in a pouch without tearing it, but it's perfect for lighter weight ones. I could actually use another one of these just to store other small items.

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