Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gettin' Back To A Normal Routine....

We took my sister-in-law to the airport very early this morning. I was so exhausted from our four days of non-stop shopping that I came back home and went back to bed until around noon! I think it's going to take a few days for me to get back in the swing of things.

She flew in on Wednesday. I think we hit almost all of the stores in the Minocqua area. Those that we missed closed at 5 PM and we just ran out of time! We went to Rhinelander Thursday. I was impressed with a few of the stores in Minocqua and Rhinelander that I've never been in before. There was a very cool store in Minocqua that I found some buttons at, but naturally I can't remember the name of it! I will definitely be going back there.

Friday we drove to the River District Downtown Wausau and that was fun. We didn't get to all of the stores, but I was able to find a pair of sandals for summer that I was looking for. We also loved Janke Book Store. We ate at The Mint Cafe and the food was great! Again, we ran out of time since we had to get back to Minocqua. I did manage to make it to The Stamp Shoppe to pick up a stamp by Printworks called "Bike and Basket" that I had seen there before Christmas. I can't wait to use this stamp! We got a little lost in Wausau since my navigation skills aren't the greatest, but we found our way home.

We headed to Phillips Saturday and I'm always amazed at the gems I find there. I bought the sign below at Homespun Coffee & Crafts. Haven't figured out where exactly I'm going to hang it yet, but I love it. I went back to Yarn Barn Charms N Such and was very excited to find 14ct black Aida cloth. I definitely have plans for that! I also picked up directions on how to color yarn with Kool-Aid, which I found interesting.


I found this table top photo album for a steal at Phillips Northern Merchandise. I always enjoy stopping there. I never leave that store without something!


I wish we would have had more time so I could have taken Tami to Eagle River, Boulder Junction and Antigo. Maybe the next time she visits!

Good Wine

Tami also got the hubby and me interested in wine. I've never really cared for it too much before, but I found one I actually like. Cheers to a very fun and busy visit from Steve's sister and my sister-in-law!


happydays525 said...

Such fun photos! Thanks for sharing Patty!

Vicky said...

Yep, you look relaxed :) I love seeing some of what you bought! Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see what you do with the new bicycle stamp.

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