Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Little Tribute..... Calvin, the best cat in the world! It will be two years since our little Calvin left us. He was about 11, but that's way too young. Calvin always seemed to be more prone to illness than our other cats.


I wasn't too keen on the idea of cats when we brought Calvin home, since I've always been more of a dog person. I won't write what I originally said, plus I was scared to death of him. Well, he loved me! He clawed his way up my leg more times than I can count when he was a kitten. I fell in love with him and ended up with three more cats. We gave one to our daughter, since the usually sassy calico "Babygirl" had made it clear that she didn't care for the last one who joined our little "cat" family. Tipper, the one we gave away, was a Ragdoll and just adorable. The poor thing was traumatized by Babygirl. Thank goodness she has a great home now, as she deserves it!

Calvin had personality with a capital P and everyone that came into our home wanted to take him with them. When all the kids left home, they wanted him too, but I would never let that happen. He was so mellow in comparison to the other cats we have. The other two actually drive me quite crazy! He was a happy little fellow, who was perfectly fine just hangin' out by you. He never was one to want to be held and definitely wasn't a lap cat. The kids always said he would let them hold him, but maybe I pestered him too much and that's why he didn't like me to. Let's just say that he "tolerated" me. I always wanted to squeeze him because he reminded me of a cuddly little teddy bear.

Calvin may have mellowed with age, but that wasn't always the case! When he first learned how to jump onto the table, he would entertain everyone with his ability to swing from the chandelier above it. He absolutely loved Christmas, much to our dismay. He took flying leaps into trees and tried to knock them over more than once. One year we came home to find that he had managed to pull the tree skirt all the way into another room, without disturbing the presents under the tree. That takes talent!


We still love and miss you Calvin! We'll never find another one quite like you...ever!


Diana said...

ADORABLE close up of the cat. Cool. Thanks for all your kind comments about my photos and art! Big giveaway over at my blog!

Vicky said...

Dear sweet, Calvin. TFS :)

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