Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hodag Fest 2009

This was my first Hodag experience and it certainly was a nice day to be outside. I guess you could call me a "Hodag Virgin". There were quite a few people wearing signs that said that yesterday! The photo above shows what we were told was the largest Saturday afternoon crowd ever.

I wasn't too familiar with Daryl Worly, but after seeing him perform, I recognized some of his songs. He was excellent!

Sawyer Brown is a group that I am familiar with and I love them! I last saw them in concert 15 years ago in St. Cloud, MN. They really do put on a high energy show. Lead singer Mark Miller is a wonderful entertainer. I'd jump at the chance to see either Daryl Worley or Sawyer Brown in concert again.

There were other artists performing this year that I would have liked to have seen. Phil Vassar was there Friday night, but unfortunately we couldn't make it. Billy Ray Cyrus was scheduled after Saywer Brown and I really wish I could have stayed to see him. It's not that I'm a big fan, I just would have liked to have heard him sing. We had to leave because it was time to go home and take the dog out.

As far as big crowds go, it was okay. I could have sat and people watched all day since that is always a good time. Of course you naturally always have the people who can't control themselves and have to drink too much and act foolish. Would I go again? Yes, I would. Next year, I'd like to know who's performing and plan ahead so that I can see more than just two shows.

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