Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Different Time Zone

Today I suffered from incredible middle age brain freeze. For those that know me well, this would be considered a "Classic Patty Moment". I closed Paper Studio down an hour early, thinking it was 7 pm when it reality it was 6.

My husband seemed confused when I got home, pointing out that Paper Studio wasn't due to close for another 40 minutes. You can well imagine my horror! I raced out the door without a liscense, no seat belt on, speeding back to the store (Steve said I left skid marks in the foyer). I called my boss Micaela and explained the situation. We both laughed. Thank goodness I have a great boss with a wonderful sense of humor, because at the time I didn't think it was so funny.

You can well imagine that this will not happen again! I think I will ask for a new watch for Christmas.

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